Christmas log. Who wants a bedtime story?

I'll tell you my story in a whisper, for the great secret lies in it ... So, right on Christmas Eve, after being drunk and eaten, I settled down near the burning fireplace. The Christmas log crackled melodiously, with apple aroma and warmth filling the stone house. I looked at the mistletoe from the ceiling beam, gleaming in the bright light of the candles of its berries.

Green. White. Blue. What color is hope?

Stop, catch your breath, embrace, put me in the coolness of your green blouse, spin, befuddled by the breath of lilacs, the smell of your hair. Well, where are you going, and my hands are tough and rude - they will not hold you, a small miracle, and only your laughter, shaky, silver, will ring in my heart, dissected by a heart attack.

What products will strengthen the child's immunity in the spring?

First of all, enrich the diet. A healthy diet contributes to strengthening the child's immunity - balanced in terms of the content of all macro- and microelements, vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates. We present you useful products that should be present in the diet of the baby in the spring. 1. Sour-milk products Its importance is explained by the beneficial substances contained in it - probiotics, which help strengthen the immune system and improve digestion.

Is motherhood always a joy, or Why don't you need a child?

“... I do not see for myself the meaning of having a child. What will it give me? 1) I will become ugly. And it would be okay for nine months to be a scarecrow. So then and then - hair falls out, teeth crumble, the waist does not recover, skin in stretch marks ... A nightmare !!! 2) I will lose qualifications. Now I am a sought-after and highly paid specialist.

How to prevent others from shaking their confidence?

A girl who graduated from college a couple of years ago begins her first independent steps in the profession. She believes in herself and in her strength. She has experience in different firms, but now she decided to start her own business. Moving towards her goal, she sometimes makes mistakes, sometimes misses, and everything would be fine if the mother of the girl did not consider this mistake as a signal that nothing will happen.

How to move from problems to a happy life?

Answering the first question, I can say that the matter is in the peculiarities of human perception. What exactly the focus of your attention is directed to is what you notice. All the rest of your field of view is hidden, as if this does not exist in principle. And what you notice, then enter into your life, from that it consists.