How do the words we think affect our lives?

I will give an example. Try to think different sets of words.

The first set: joy, happiness, smile, love, good, gratitude, altruism, fun, laughter, strength, performance, energy, confidence, purpose, task, decision, mind.

The second set: sadness, suffering, disgust, hatred, insensitivity, evil, misanthropy, anger, crying, weakness, laziness, apathy, insecurity, confusion, uncertainty, helplessness, stupidity.

Please note that your state of each set of words is likely to change accordingly. Obviously, if you use one of the sets of words all the time, your state and behavior will constantly correspond to it.

But you already use this or that set of words all your life! In any case, you use some words (from these sets or not from them) more often, and others less often. You already use one word almost all the time, and the other almost never. Your thinking and so consists of some words, and these words constantly affect your whole life!

It seems to us that our thinking is diverse, but it is not. Our thinking is determined by habits, and if we are accustomed to thinking the same words - we will always do so, if we do not decide to train to think other words. So, until we change the words to better ones, our life will not fundamentally change.

Try it. Determine for yourself a set of the best words (you can from my first set, as well as from anywhere). Start thinking these words as often as possible. And look how your condition, behavior and life begin to change from this.

And when you understand exactly what changes have occurred, think about what will happen if you use the most effective words for a long time! This way you can radically change your whole life. After all, your life and so is the result of those words that you thought so far.

Words are something like the bricks from which human life is built. Obviously, the quality of the house will depend on the choice of bricks. And the choice of words - the quality of your life.

A person who never thinks certain words can never begin to do what these words are about. If you do not think the words associated with a particular profession, you can never master this profession. If you do not think the words associated with success, you will never succeed. If you don’t think words related to happiness, you can never feel happiness.

What else is important to understand. What words you use in your thinking depends on you. No one else but you can control your thinking. No one else can make you think certain words. Only you choose the words that you think. So, only you choose what your life was, is and will be.

And remember - your life right now depends on the words you think. You can not eliminate the dependence of your life on your words. Your choice is different - to start thinking the best words. And thereby change his whole life.

Watch the video: INVISIBLE INFLUENCE: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior by Jonah Berger (November 2019).


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