How to turn your hobby into an Affair and succeed?

But every creative person should be happy and proud of his fate. After all, a successful creative life is quite real. Many people left office walls, did what they loved, created their own hobby business and earn them money. They are happy.

That is how fate Svetlana Military, a lawyer and an office worker in the past and a successful designer in the present. Having eaten a lot of routine and boredom in the office, in 2008 Svetlana presented her own design jewelry collection on the Internet blog. Creative flair and entrepreneurial experience turned her passion into a business. And now Svetlana is ready to share how to start earning on what you do with your own hands.

Let's start with the most important questions. How profitable to present their work to the public and where to find it? Where to sell your hand-made? What is the most profitable point of sale?

Each person has strengths, and there are weaknesses. It is necessary to properly use the strengths, and first to understand: what are they? Then compare them with each of the “points of sale”, present yourself in this place. Let's start.

1. Trade fairs

In every major city there are fairs and festivals where you can sell your hand-made. This may be New Year's souvenir fairs or youth festivals, thematic exhibitions, for example, exhibitions of semi-precious stones, dolls or Teddy bears.

2. Sales through stores

The most sensitive issue in dealing with stores is the issue of price. The store from the sale of the author's thing wants to get income - this is the first, and so that it quickly sells - this is the second. If the author puts a high price on his product, the product (with a store premium) can wait for the buyer for a long time and occupy a place in the sales area.

3. Special online resources for hand-makers

It is also important to understand what the buyer is going to such a portal for. Our country is just getting acquainted with hand-made, many have no idea what to buy, for example, designer gloves. Usually they are looking for an unusual gift on the Internet, and such a portal is a storehouse of gifts. And after, having wandered, having seen how many things are there, they begin to select something for themselves.

4. Own site

Sites of masters are of two types: image and online shopping. Image site is usually devoted exclusively to creativity and the author's own I, it is not aimed at sales. There may be presented the best products, interviews with magazines and television, photos of the designer at work and photos of his happy clients, articles on creative subjects.

5. Social networks

Plus any social network - access to a huge audience. If brevity is your sister, you can simply post pictures of your products, for example, VKontakte ( or Facebook.

6. Blog

A blog allows you to trace the entire history of creativity and usually has more than a hundred works, a huge field of desire opens up before readers. In a blog, you find yourself not just customers, but friends. Because you communicate in the comments, you can easily ask how anyone is doing, and easily find out about the life of the reader-buyer. He knows about your life, you about him. It is easy to communicate! And there is more trust in you as the author (and seller). You can always ask any question, you are friends.

And more good news! Svetlana Voininskaya became the author of the first book about hand-made business in Russian "Make and Sell". The book is already on sale, so hurry!

Be yourself, show yourself and do not be afraid to break stereotypes!

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