"Bobrik", "hedgehog", "square": how to mow you?

Soft, sparse and curly hair are not suitable for haircuts. Looking tough and thick.

Haircut "hedgehog" and looks like a hedgehog, curled into a ball - short, hard hair, directed in different directions, giving the head the shape of a ball.

"Bobrik" is different from the "hedgehog" in that the parietal part of the hair is aligned in the form of a pad.

In the "square" haircut, the platform is made in the form of a flat plane, not only on the crown, but also on the temples.

In other words, the shape of the head in these hairstyles can be described as round, semicircular and rectangular.


Start the bobrik haircut from the upper occipital zone. Hair cut from the center to the temples with vertical partings on the fingers.

It is permissible to use the first machine number 1, and then the machine number 2. The hair of the back of the head (from the middle of the neck to the top of the head) and from the temple to the temporal projections are cut separately.

After that, use the machine # 0 to cut the hair on the neck, and turn the hair on the temples and behind the ears.

Then design the so-called pad, that is, the hair on the crown. Before you cut the area, your hair should be combed up against the direction of growth, smeared with a retainer and put with a brush and a hairdryer.

The height of the site is recommended to do in accordance with the width of the face: full men - higher, thin - lower. A good tone would be to ask the client about the desired height of the site. The length of the hair at the forehead should be 3-5 cm.

It is important to mow the front part of the platform, passing from the frontal protrusion to the crown. Equal all subsequent lanes along this lane.

It is necessary to perform the haircut of the right side of the platform, standing in front of the client, while not using the mirror, and mowing the left side, standing behind the client, always using a mirror.

To cut out a flat and strictly horizontal platform, you need to carefully monitor the position of the body and hands during operation. Hands should be at shoulder level.

It should stand straight, not bending down to the head of the client. Comb and scissors should be parallel to each other in a horizontal position.

To treat the hair on the temples, comb them with a comb or brush from the bottom up, trying to pull them at a right angle to the site.

When shearing the left side of the scissors, put the ends down, and when making the right - ends up.

Then round the corner between the “pad” and the temples.


A characteristic feature of the hedgehog hairstyle is a smooth transition from short hair to elongated bangs.

In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to isolate the strand in the middle of the parietal zone, lift vertically and cut, gradually increasing the length of the hair to the bangs.

To make the hedgehog haircut really look like a hedgehog, it is recommended to treat the parietal zone with thinning scissors.

For styling using a small amount of foam, while the hair can not be dried with a hairdryer.


When performing a “square” haircut, first cut the hair on the side parts and then decorate the floor. Having finished your haircut, work your hair with a method of pointing to dry hair.

Pointing is a special method of shortening hair, which consists in trimming the ends of a selected strand with scissors, directed deep into the strand so that the cutting line looks like a fringe.

A little more spoiled hairstyles of relatives and friends - and you will become a professional hairdresser. And if you do not earn a lot of money on this, then at least you will save. Dare and remember that hairstyle is more important policy. Good luck.

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