Relationships: How to find out what a lover he is?

Some of them are based on anthropometric indicators men. To determine his sexual abilities you are invited to look at the size of his feet or nose.

In fact, this theory has not been confirmed.

  • Firstly, because his passion and sophistication in bedding comfort does not depend on the size of the man’s sexual organ.
  • And secondly, an attempt to calculate the size of his masculine "dignity" when an erection state occurs will lead to nothing. This is a strictly individual indicator.

According to statistics, a large male genital organ increases on average by two thirds in an erect state, while for small penises, it is common for “penises” to “grow” more than twice.

So let's set aside this theory and try to determine the sexual temperament of your chosen one with the help of another theory based on his behavior.

Psychologists say that you can expect disappointment in a cavalier as a lover, if you notice the following markers in his behavior:

  • He likes to talk a lot.

Is your man a master monologue on sex? Is he a bad listener who interrupts his interlocutor? You should know that this behavior is most likely inherent in bedding as well. This is the behavior of a narcissist, for whom it is more important to show off in front of you and teach yourself in the most advantageous light than to give you pleasure.

Such people think that they have honored you with their choice and you should be happy that you were invited to share a bed of love with him. The main purpose of having sex for a man with such a character is to get pleasure himself, so expect from him extra gestures, exquisite caresses and kisses during sexual intercourse is not worth it.

If in the speech of your chosen one there appear in a large number of interrogative intonations and interrogations, know that there is a timid and shy man who lacks self-confidence. In the worst case scenario, it may turn out that he is a representative of the "sissy" type. Be prepared to lead them and give valuable instructions in bed.

  • Your chosen one is stingy and reluctant to spend money.

If you notice in your man such an unpleasant quality for a woman as greed, most likely in bed he will not be generous to you to caress. Mean people and in a love game tend to be stingy, cheating on a partner with attention and affection, while they themselves are very demanding and greedy when it comes to their own pleasure.

  • Your man does not sit at the table and spends little time to eat.

Want to know if your chosen one is good in bed? Take a closer look at his behavior during the meal.

If he eagerly rushes to foodswallows it, almost without chewing, does not follow the elementary rules of behavior at the table, you should not attribute what is happening to your culinary talents.

Psychologists say that many men tend to behave in bed with a woman in the same way they used to eat. Such a lightning-fast meal can be a warning that you should not count on a full prelude before sex. Anyone who is used to hastily emptying a plate, will not delicacy and waste time preparing you for intercourse.

  • You do not like sensations while kissing with him.

In this case, it is not so much about the inability of a man to kiss well, but about the feeling of discomfort that you may have during his kiss. If this happens, then you should not hope that you will be well with him in bed. There is reason to think about whether to move to a closer relationship with someone who is physically unpleasant to you. Nothing good will come of it.

  • His movements, his gait is not enough plastic.

Observe how your chosen one behaves and how he behaves. We noticed that he was like “wooden”, he lacked flexibility and freedom of movement - most likely, he will show you the same sluggishness during sex. A man clearly lacks the ability to control his body, which will certainly affect your feelings in bed. Can a woman bring great pleasure to those who are at odds with their bodies? Such problems can be observed in men who are absolutely not engaged in themselves and do not even have minimal physical fitness.

  • Your man is distinguished by purposefulness.

Your chosen one has a favorite job, he is focused on career growth and is used to achieving goals. This is all beautiful. The alarming bell for you should be his obsession with getting a result.

Psychologists say that in sex, this type of men used to act in the same way. This means that experiments, frequent change of posture and diversity in sexual life with such a partner you can not expect. Once he understands how to bring you to orgasm, he will repeat the same actions in the same sequence, knowing their effectiveness. To achieve the result, he will use a proven scheme.

There are several signs that a man may pleasantly surprise you in sex:

  • You smell crazy about it. This is not about the deodorant he uses, but about the natural scent of his body. A man who attracts you physically, can not not like a closer contact with him.
  • You enjoy listening to him. The more pleasant the voice of a man seems to you, the more attractive it seems to you. All this can not but affect the state of love that you experience being close to the object of your sympathy. Nothing enriches feelings during sex more than the feeling of happiness of owning a loved one.
  • Your chosen one has beautiful hands with long flexible strong fingers. He has a strong trained hardy body.
  • Your chosen one knows how to please you with beautiful courting and exquisite compliments, pronounced with obvious pleasure. Such men are generous not only for words, but also for caress during intimate intimacy.
  • Looking into your eyes, your man does not "undress" you with a look. A man does not forget to be interested in your opinion, seeks to learn as much as possible about you and your preferences, trying to gain your trust. This behavior is characteristic of a loving person. In bed, he will not only think about his pleasure, but also how to deliver it to you.

Use the help of psychologists to find out whether your gentleman will be the same man with whom you are destined to know heavenly bliss in bed. Look more closely at his behavior, attitude towards himself, than to external data. A man who is attentive and caring towards his lady will not disappoint her in the intimate sphere.

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