Can I win a game with a bookmaker?

First of all, here the player does not hope only for good luck, but has, for example, help a large statistical base, can track the latest news. In addition, no one has canceled the prevailing own opinion - it, unlike the game on roulette, is based on something. Therefore, the differences are significant, although common signs inherent in gambling, too much.

Many ask whether it is possible to beat the bookmaker. The answer is simple - it is impossible. You can earn a lot of money on the game yourself, but at the same time there will be a hundred other near-minded players who will block your winnings with their losses in a hundredfold amount. In the final result with a solid plus on their conditional or virtual accounts remain less than 1% of players. This screaming figure does not stop the hordes of new players who are looking for easy money - more and more playing the fair sex.

An additional stimulating factor is the fact that in the game with the bookmaker, as in many areas of life, the rule “A newcomer is always lucky” is inherent. I met quite a few people who, not a bit in the slightest understanding of the game, at first won by some miracle a lot of money, but then all of this was “returned” to the office with interest.

We will understand the essence of what the bookmaker is offering today to the player. For this we need to give some specific definitions. termsinherent player slang:

Event - a separate sports or other event (for example, a football match).
Coefficient - This is a number that characterizes the quotation for a particular outcome and shows your potential gain.
Line - a list of events and their outcomes with the winning odds offered by the office for betting.

Every day there are a lot of sports competitions in the world - from all famous football to polo on elephants. For the most part, they are all reflected in the line. This diversity extends to individual events: for example, one football match is limited not only by bets to win a particular team - the player can even bet on how many angles and minutes added to the second half will be in the match. Among other things, bookmakers accept bets on cultural (for example, which film will receive an Oscar), and on political (for example, who will become president) events.

Suppose you decide to try yourself in this business. How to start betting? This can be done without even getting up from the chair on which you are sitting. You just need to register on the website of any bookmaker office, create your wallet and transfer electronic money there. For a start, you should not throw a large amount - you just try. You can test your skills and not investing a single penny at all - on the websites of some offices there are guest accounts where you play for virtual money. If you are not going to play all the time, but simply notice the event, the outcome of which, in your opinion, is obvious, it is better to limit yourself to a single (preferably double) visit to the office nearest to the place of work or home. In this case, you do not need to open an account - a receipt issued by the cashier is a confirmation of your bet.

Player to choose from three types of bets: single, express and system.

Single - bet on a separate outcome of the event. Winning at a single bet is equal to the product of the bet amount by the coefficient established for the outcome.
Express - bet on several independent outcomes of events. To win by express it is necessary that no one of the outcomes that are included in the express, there was no loss. Losing one of the outcomes of the express means losing all the express. The express win is equal to the product of the bet amount by the coefficients of all outcomes included in the express.
System - a set of expressions, which is a complete enumeration of options for expressas of the same size from a fixed set of outcomes. It is characterized by the same bet size for each express (system variant) and the same number of outcomes in each express.

There are quite a few bookmakers registered on the territory of the CIS, but only some of them have proven to be quite reliable organizations. The global global network today provides opportunities for opening accounts in foreign offices. But their lines, as a rule, do not particularly favor the Russian domestic sports market. A separate song is the betting exchange - however, it is not directly related to our article, as there is no bookmaker as such. Players make a bet between themselves, and the exchange is only its guarantor. With the game on the stock exchange is connected with the recently extended bonus-bonuses, but more about it in the following articles.

Before you start playing in the bookmaker, ask yourself the question: what do you want to play? For profit? For fun? Just try is unlikely to succeed. If you want to receive financial benefits, then know that this will not be easy for you or your gray cells. It is always worth remembering that in the end you can lose.

You want to have fun - please, but set yourself the ceiling of the amount that you do not mind losing. If there is no such amount, then you should not play. Good luck!

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