How to sit on a full splits for three months?

The secret of great flexibility (in our case - the ability to sit in a full splits without unpleasant sensations) - in the elasticity of muscles, ligaments and tendons.

In “deep” childhood (up to about three years), every person’s entire body is perfectly flexible, but with age our body becomes “polluted with slags and toxins,” as a result of which muscles and joints “become stiff” and lose their elasticity.

The first rule of a good stretch is, if possible, a “green diet,” that is, eating as many plant products as possible (vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, etc.). However, this does not mean that you need to abandon your favorite dishes - just increase the amount of greenery, it will help eliminate toxins and toxins from the body.

And now we will start physical exercises:

1. The main exercise for the development of a magnificent splits (it must be performed every day, at the beginning and at the end of the workout !!) - this is a kick in the legs. It is done very simply: stand right against the wall (you can hold your hands on the wall) and begin to perform rhythmic foot flies as high as possible. Take the time to not damage the ligaments.

Perform the exercise alternately on each leg in different directions (forward, backward, sideways). The total number of sweeps for each leg should be no less than one hundred for each leg - it is necessary to warm up very well the muscles, ligaments and tendons on each leg in the hip joint.

Machi, among other things, are useful in that when they are performed, the joints in the thighs “move apart”, come out of the articulation grooves - this achieves the maximum effect for stretching (as a positive bonus - blood circulation in the legs improves, in the hip joints, respectively, metabolism improves , excretion of "slags", and increases the potency in men).

Important! Mahi needs to be done every day, even if you decide to skip a workout (the best option would be to perform strides in the morning and in the evening - this is only five to ten minutes a day).

2. Further minor, but no less important movements: these are tilts, rotation of the hip joint clockwise and against it, work with the crossbar. (Also very useful and important exercises, as when working on a crossbar — when lifting a leg to a vertical pole, bending down both to a raised leg and to a leg standing on the floor — muscles and tendons also stretch, and most importantly, they “pull out "Bones from the grooves and very well train the abdominal muscles and back.)

3. Various squats are also useful - for strengthening the muscles of the legs and thighs. From exercises on the floor, it is better to give preference to different inclinations towards the stretched legs, both to both and alternately to each.

And: try to avoid the so-called stretch marks in the lunge - because when you perform these exercises under the weight of your weight, you will “drive” the bones back into the grooves, and all your efforts may come to naught, or, at least, the period of obtaining the desired result will be very long. Exercises in lunge are recommended to be performed only after you sit in a full splits!

It is very useful for a good stretching massage - mainly, of course, the muscles of the legs, but it doesn’t hurt to massage the hip area of ​​the body and the lumbar back with circular movements of the palms.

A good stretching of the legs will give you excellent vitality, joy in life, a good mood and, which seems to me also important, to distract you from life problems.

I wish you good luck in important endeavors!

Watch the video: 12 Minute Splits Stretch Flexibility Workout For Beginners How To Tutorial For The Splits (November 2019).


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