How and why do temples die?

To create this work, I was pushed by a recent visit to the destroyed Church of the Sign in the Töploe tract in the Klin district of the Moscow region. I had the opportunity to listen to the stories of former residents of these places, and I was presented with a full picture of the revealed topic.

Among the endless forests and fields, in a picturesque place surrounded by butterflies, we noticed the church’s crests. It is really in a deplorable state: the roof and walls are destroyed, the columns are bent down, the window frames are separate from the openings, the icons and frescoes have been plundered for a long time - the whole temple is just showered before our eyes. Trees, shrubs and grass grow not only near the church, but also right on the structure itself.

Next to the temple was once a cemetery. It was precisely “was”: the graves were plundered, the gravestones were stolen.

In the postwar years, part of the nearby villages (Marino, Teploe) were abandoned, slowly began to be forgotten, and the church began to plunder. This situation was quite common in those times when the temple followed the fate of the village.

The government firmly asserted that the German invaders plundered the church during the Great Patriotic War. Locals say: “The temple was plundered later, when the villages were almost empty, and not the Nazis, but our compatriots. We ourselves at night heard the sounds of construction tools that destroyed the shrine. The government did not attempt to protect the temple. Although at that time the secular power was strictly separated from the church, but it was no longer hostile to it and did not destroy the temples. Why then was it necessary to deny the obvious fact? ”

The secular power was in open struggle with the church since 1917, when, for example, in 1931, according to her order, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was destroyed, in place of which the building of the Palace of Soviets was to appear.

About two years ago in the search results of the Church of the Sign in the stow of Warmth on the pages of the Internet one could see one single record. Now, a sign appeared inside the temple itself with the words: “The Znamensky Church was transferred to the Orthodox Church and will be restored. Protected by the state. Its destruction is a criminal offense, prosecuted. ” With the signature "Abbot". And even recently, an article about this very place was published in the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.

The Znamenskaya Church in Teplom is not the only example of such destruction. In the Shatura district of the same Moscow region in the tract of Ilkodino there is the Christ Nativity Church: brick, with a dome - apparently she reminded me of Znamenskaya. Here the story is very similar: the nearby village ceased to exist in the 50s of the 20th century, and the temple, closed as early as the 1930s, began to disappear along with it.

Consider another story: near the Kurilovo tract (also in the Shatura district), not so long ago there were two more villages. It was for these parishioners that a brick church was built. Next to her was a cemetery. In the 1950s, these villages were also empty, the temple and cemetery were looted.

There is one more example, but more optimistic. In the village of Pokrovsky (now - Volokolamsky district, not far from Teryaevo), until now there is a church, which was built at the same time as Znamenskaya, - the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin. It was built of brick with white stone details. There is an oil painting inside the temple, but wooden carved gilded iconostasis is not. Of course, it needs restoration, but the appearance remains the same. The village of Pokrovskoye lives the same life, and people come to this temple.

All these little-known stories are very similar to each other. They have one past, and the future of the temples is largely dependent on us.

Now many new churches are being built in more busy places ... But if at one time these temples were not destroyed, then why not preserve them now?

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