Is a ferret a wild animal or a fashionable live toy?

Fish - no matter: there would be water, air, food and heater. Birds are tolerated, but some try to fly away. Unhappy reptiles - hostages of human vanity: snakes, turtles, lizards and poor crocodiles are tormented in city apartments. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and rats, in general, no difference, although they are happy to get away from their cages and boxes into the wild. Will - it is the will! Every beast wants to get there.

In our city, the fascination with another lively toy - ferrets, domesticated by ferrets, is gaining speed. There is nothing bad to say about more than five hundred owners of registered ferrets. Every six months they bring their handsome men to the doctor for a checkup, make them vaccinations, feed them with special food. But others buy ferrets, guided by fashion and forgetting about responsibility.

In winter, you can see a lady walking around the store in a mink coat. A lady instead of an Italian greyhound holds a ferret in her arms. No wonder - such an elegant small animal that attracts attention, with eyes-beads, cheerful, smart, very tame and contrasted with the color of the coat! But tell me, what a normal dog owner will put on a hat from a dog's skin? And the cat owner will perish from the cold, but he will not touch the hat tailored from the poor cat. Dame does not occur to her that 40 relatives of her “pet” went to her coat. It means that the ferret is out of fashion, and he will bite off her manicure - she will throw him out without thinking.

The ferret is a beast of the Kunih breed. He is a ferocious and ruthless little forest predator. People for many centuries tried to tame this animal. This is confirmed by the ancient texts and paintings by European artists. For example, an ermine from a painting by Leonardo da Vinci “The Lady with an Ermine” was recently identified as an albino ferret — furo. It was possible to domesticate the ferrets only in the 20th century, but the breed retained the features of wild ancestors. Sometimes ferrets are called honorics, but this is the wrong name. Honorik is a ferret and mink hybrid, more like a mink, an animal previously bred for fur.

The color of the ferret skins, which is shiny with villi, varies from pure white through all shades of beige and brown to almost black. It is more difficult to contain a ferret than, for example, a purebred cat. In addition to special food and natural meat, it should not eat anything. It is necessary to clean up after her, like a cat, you need to bathe and cut her claws. Vaccinations and regular vaccinations against distemper and rabies are required.

Like any artificially bred breed, ferrets have a bunch of various diseases (not fully studied), so they should be shown to the doctor every six months. If you do not breed ferrets, they MUST be neutered and sterilized. Untreated males permeate the entire apartment with their smell. A female without mating can not withstand physiological stress and dies. In addition, the ferret needs to move: 2–3 hours of games at home, but under supervision (she gnaws and swallows various little edible things), and walk on the grass or through the snow. With other animals it is better not to keep the ferret: it will not give rest to a cat and a small dog.

And two interesting features. Ferret can be infected by a person with influenza and infect him accordingly. And also, the ferret is a relative of the skunk. Wild ferret odorous. No wonder the word "ferret" comes from the Old Slavic "d дhor" - "smelling beast" (derived from "dıhnuty" - "smell"). Ferret in everyday life slightly smells like musk, but a frightened or excited animal can make an “aromatic attack” in the house.

People buy ferrets as a pretty toy, and then face all the listed concerns. Without conscience - they throw the animals into the street or take them out of the city. Sometimes ferrets, freedom-loving beasts, run away by themselves: they gnaw a plastic cage or stitch with their sharp teeth with a sharp teeth and - free! But, even though the will is beautiful, the ferrets who do not know how to hunt die out of the wild. Therefore, in Moscow and St. Petersburg recently opened shelters, collecting orphan ferrets. There and conscientious owners bring their animals, realizing that they can not cope with them.

Therefore, if someone really wants to have a ferret in his house, let him think twenty times: can he create conditions for an animal to live a healthy life, does he have enough money and time to maintain it, and can he love him like a native? If not, let him buy himself a toy ferret. Or an elephant. Or a crocodile. Then the living being will not suffer, and worries will not increase, and the conscience will remain clear.

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