Do we need a USE?

But is this new type of exam so terrible? Maybe in vain they scare children? After all, with what we do not try to intimidate the fragile young generation! Let's see.

Yes, the results of the first samples leave much to be desired. Yes, students are still afraid of the exam. But aren't adults themselves to blame for this?

What do we hear in class in preparation for this form of testing? That is, testing and nothing more! It differs from the psychology test only in the subject matter, the form of conducting and asking questions is the same. So what about the lesson? Horror! “Be extremely careful! Recheck your answers! Do not enter in the form until you are absolutely sure ... "Horror, and only! Or did one of the mathematicians ever urge to enter an untested solution into the examination paper? Hardly. Maybe they convincingly asked students to be inattentive on the written exam? Never! Why then this tantrum?

It seems, fortunately, most often false, that the teachers themselves are not confident in their abilities and how fully they prepared the children for the exams for all the years of study. The experience of the USE shows that these fears are groundless. Schoolchildren take the exam is not worse than before. Twos? Let us, hand on heart, try to tell each other that in our classes there are simply no laggards! Will the tongue turn? Or do you want to refute the simple truths that in any team there are necessarily leaders and there are laggards? Ungrateful this occupation - to refute already established scientific truths!

Experience has shown how much the students themselves are afraid of this exam. They, as always, adjusted to the circumstances. Well, if you try to find out their opinion on the topic “how best to conduct a test of knowledge in mathematics?”, The answer will be ridiculously simple. “Not to spend it in any way!” Our younger generation agrees to live without an exam at all. Well, if it is impossible without him, then what he will be - all the same! After all, he will be, and this is important!

But the main argument for the Unified State Exam is his, pardon the tautology, unity, that is, the very idea that was originally incorporated into it - the results of the Unified State Exam count when entering a university. This is his most undeniable plus! With our school being detached from the university and the university from the school, this is the first step towards their rapprochement, and it would be great if the next steps were not stuck halfway through. I would like to have a single exam for the rest of the subjects necessary for entering universities.

It is necessary to look to the future, and not to cling to petrified forms. Therefore, if you are asked - for the USE you or against, vote FOR! Do not lose. You will see!

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