Pushkin and Yaropolets? Manor Goncharov

The Goncharov family spent every summer at the Yaropolets Manor. After the death of her husband, Natalia's mother moved to the estate for permanent residence. Natalia Goncharova, already married to Pushkin, visited the mother in the estate with the children. Alexander Sergeevich himself was there only two times, and then passing through. However, this event is marked by exact dates - it was in 1834 and 1835, and the room where Pushkin stayed is still preserved.

The estate was built in the style of Russian classical architecture. This two-story building is made of red brick and decorated with stucco details. At the main entrance towering white columns. The house-palace was surrounded by a brick wall, of which only the frontal part with an iron gate and high towers on the sides now remained. On the estate there is the Church of the Holy Prophet John the Baptist, built by a serf architect. This temple is still in effect. It is visited by residents of the village and nearby villages.

At the time of the Goncharovs, a magnificent garden with rare trees and shrubs was laid out in front of the house. There was a time when Yaropolets was called the Versailles near Moscow. The manor flowed measured life, and on holidays they organized noisy festivities with colorful fireworks, songs and dances.

Before the revolution of 1918, the estate belonged to the Goncharov family, after the revolution it became an architectural and historical monument and was transferred to state use. Before the war, a country school was located in the estate.

During the Second World War, the village of Yaropolets was occupied by German troops, and the historical monument was heavily damaged, and the park area suffered as well. In Soviet times, the manor was used for various needs until it was renovated by the Moscow Aviation Institute, and now there is a rest house where everyone can relax. You can walk along the manor buildings and along the paths among the ancient trees. Under the chirping of birds and the quiet whisper of a breeze walk along the Pushkin Avenue. At the end of the alley there is a wonderful view of the bend of the Lama river. Houses always keep the memory of their owners, and you will have the opportunity to touch the story, to see it with your own eyes.

In our time, two movies were made on the estate. In 1992 - “The Enchanted Wanderer” based on the story by Nikolai Leskov, and in 1994 - “The Lady-Peasant Woman” based on the work of Alexander Pushkin.

And among the local population there is a legend that under the Goncharovs' estate there is an underground passage, which leads to the values ​​left by the Germans during the war. Most likely, these are local legends, but there are still those who want to find these treasures. Especially the younger generation strives to get into the territory of a holiday home and make a dig.

The history of our country is rich, many new and interesting things can be seen and learned while traveling across the expanses of Russia. If you happen to drive past the village Yaropolets, be sure to take a look at the estate. Believe me, there is something to see. Among the many suburban cities, villages and paths, roads is one of the most picturesque places.

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