How to care for porcelain?

It happens, a private collection of porcelain collects more than one generation. And some products are so old that they require special treatment, delicate cleaning and even restoration. So finding a new exhibit is only half the battle. We still have to try so that he remains safe and sound as long as possible.

Whatever the quality of porcelain, this material is fragile and afraid of household chemicals. Especially when it comes to antique porcelain. Any active and abrasive detergents, as well as hot water can ruin its surface. Tinted porcelain becomes cloudy; on complex figures, bends and small details can become covered with cracks.

Therefore, porcelain items can be washed only in slightly warm water, do not immerse in water for a long time and do not rub. Use baby or any other neutral soap. Dust and dirt must be removed in advance using a rag made of delicate white fabric or medium-soft brush with natural bristles. Do not rinse porcelain under the pressure of water. To wash off the remnants of soap, just drop the item in a container of water. It is better not to let the porcelain dry on its own. Gently wipe it dry, and there will be no streaks on the surface.

Porcelain is recommended to be stored in a glass case. These are special cabinets, which are often used by collectors, regardless of the object of collecting. The display cases are convenient because the dishes or figures always remain in a prominent place, but at the same time they are well protected from dust. After all, frequent cleaning of porcelain over time affects its quality.

If you consider using furniture to store your collection as non-original, then many interesting places can be arranged in the interior of the house. For example, to make several niches in the wall, to provide in them the lighting and closing doors of glass or transparent plastic.

Since the collection can be so large that it will be hard for her to find a suitable place in the house, the owners of antiques parade only part of the exhibits. Having painted for some time, rarities are sent to the boxes, and they are replaced by another group of objects. Therefore, proper storage is as important for porcelain as gentle care.

Porcelain does not tolerate increased moisture, so that the lockers on the balcony or shelves in the garage will not suit him. The boxes in which porcelain objects are folded must be strong, made of wood or plastic. Each product is wrapped in paper or fabric, the space between them is shifted by something soft, for example, cotton wool, artificial fur. And in order not to disturb porcelain once again, checking where everything lies, paste labels with a description of the objects to the boxes.

In the old days, porcelain was called “white gold.” With careful and careful handling, it will be the pride of your home for many years!

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