Winner or loser? Let's go and forget ...

In general, their lives improved unusually and forever.

So what's the secret? One is very simple, but the main truth! They thought about its meaning, realized all its details, imbued it, let its wisdom through itself. It can be said dissolved in it. In general, know the truth. And now his whole life, right down to the smallest trifles, is being built according to the laws of this Main Truth.

So what is this truth? Each has its own.

For some, it is a religion. Not just religion, but Religion with a capital letter. Buddhism and its branches, Christian orthodox teachings, Protestant and sectarian teachings, the teachings of Krishna, various saints in the reincarnations of Buddha and Krishna, the teachings of Ron Hubbard, the teachings of Porfiry Ivanov ... But you never know what teachings are now. For every taste.

For others, it is an esoteric, steeply implicated in modern non-understandable psychology. Harmless Feng Shui - the most innocent of this set.

For the third - this is psychology, steeply mixed with money. Here there are supporters of Carnegie, a variety of NLP trainings, various Referential Transfers, Simoron, pick-up courses and other things unmeasured.

For the fourth - it is a belief in something concrete, uniting many. And they unite people: political parties, extreme parties, football clubs and other fans, the idea of ​​anti-globalism, fan sites, role-playing games, collector societies, and much more.

For the fifth, it is a belief in bodily beauty and strength. Karate, u-shu, aikido, kickboxing, arm wrestling, bodybuilding, fitness, daily visits to cosmetologists and spas and much more.

For the sixth, it is a business in all its manifestations. Network, in particular.

For the seventh is a healthy lifestyle. Militant vegetarians are one of them.

For the eighths, this is ... But there are so many of them that I am already tired of listing.

The cure of past life overtakes mostly young people who seek their place under the Sun, oppressed by crises and spiritual loneliness, sometimes with intellect, and sometimes without it. But there are also wonderful cases of healing people with rich life experience and strong intellect. And this is strange, because such people are essentially incurable.

A cured and second-life person thinks and acts like this:

1. He firmly knows that he is on the right path and will never get away from him, because he has received his sight and understood the Main Truth!

2. He knows that the Main Truth is the only true one. Some foreign Truths may carry the seed of his Truth, but they, and all others, are wrong and need to be eradicated.

3. The main Truth becomes his second "I." Whoever he worked, to the question: "Who are you?", He replies: "I am a Krishnan, a fan, a monarchist, a karate, an extreme lover, a hobbit ..."

4. He is proud of himself and today condemns himself to the former, because his previous life was wrong, and now - right.

5. He feels his superiority over people who are not attached to the Main Truth. He especially despises those who call another Truth the Main one.

6. He applies new knowledge in the most unexpected places and situations, stubbornly following the tenets of the Main Truth, which often plunges others into shock.

7. He joyfully and enthusiastically implants the Main Truth into the unenlightened masses. He vividly and verbally tells how he felt bad before and how well he became AFTER, how happy he became, healthy, diverse, multifaceted and harmonious. He proves to all those who do not know the Truth how painful, unhappy and lost they are. At the same time, he feels like a True Teacher, which makes him even more proud of himself.

8. He becomes irritable, and sometimes aggressive, if someone unreasonable doubts, or even criticizes the main truth. His speech then becomes obscure and consists (depending on the level of education) mainly of abusive or incredibly learned words.

Healed and known - happy. He won or lost - not for us to judge. Therefore, if someone feels sick and dissatisfied with life, let him seek the Main Truth. Moreover, there are many truths. Perhaps, and what you like.

And who does not feel, let him continue to live in friendship with common sense. Common sense, as far as I remember, is not considered a disease?


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