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Oh, those habits! We take most of them as a given, we live with them, we are grateful to them a thousand times, and even if we are dissatisfied with them, we too have become accustomed to our questionable habits, we love them as relatives. Is that the most harmful periodically declare war. But here it is also necessary to decide what is useful and what is harmful ...

Here you are accustomed to go online every day. And there, a well-known case, as it came out, it disappeared, the network is huge, the information of the sea, where time has run off is unclear. And there is talk about a bad Internet addiction, about restrictions and prohibitions ... And as a result, if it’s bad, I want it even more!

That is why we will not fight the Internet (as, indeed, with bad habits). And we will use it to find useful. SchoolZhizni.ru - by itself, but we already know about this site. And in addition to it, I want to offer to your attention one, so to speak, applied tool.

It so happens that I read the article, imbued with it, decided that tomorrow I would certainly begin to do it and this, right in the morning! The next morning you get up ... and you do everything on autopilot the same as the last "twenty" years. Then you remember, and it's already white in the yard (and it is inconvenient to do exercises in the office ...).

But your autopilot can be reprogrammed! Calmly, without extreme and almost in the form of a game. Personally, the website www.advirtus.ru helped me a lot with this.

Advirtus system of work is simple, as all ingenious. Here you want to make a habit of taking a douche in the morning. You are not the first - in the list of ready-made tasks on the site a contrast shower is already present, which only simplifies the task. You note that you want to carry out this task - and here you have a personal calendar where you can record the process. You can select several suitable tasks at once. Or do not choose, and create your own. Just do not try to do everything at once - the autopilot thing is gentle, capricious ... Re-educate yourself gradually. And the system itself doesn’t provide more than 15 tasks at once: it says bust.

It is believed that a confident habit is developed 40 days. The first five days, the task in the calendar will be marked by a restrained smile, in a few weeks the emoticons will cheer up, and at the end of the term will be happy for you with all their might! Here you and the game, and, probably, the strongest side Advirtusa: positive. You can also use the diary and any calendar with reminders built into the mobile phone, but ... the formula for working with personal autopilot "Made a deal - get a smiley" for some reason, it acts much more efficiently. Plus, the scoring of points (more and more, higher and higher ...) Plus an element of competition with the same "reprogrammers" who teach themselves somewhere to make their bed, run in the morning and think about the good. Look in the morning in the overall rating: look, another one has turned out! And the blues evaporate, and you begin to believe in your strength ...

No, miracles should not be expected, of course. But if you want change for the better, it’s worth a try. Because the autopilot is gradually amenable to such reprogramming. Especially if you do not try to immediately grab the stars from the sky, but simply work on everyday trifles. My habit has been fixed on “cheers” to wipe the floor in the kitchen and street shoes in the evening. The thing is a minute, and most importantly - you feel the effect immediately, because dirt and crumbs in the house do not crawl away, and it turns out that it is cleaner everywhere.

As a result, on Advirtus, our whole family is "hooked." What especially pleases: including a teenage son. He became involved in exercises in the morning, practically got used to maintain order on the table, learned to play quite well in two months of daily guitar lessons, and now he even set the goal “No TV”. Not at all, that is, not to watch the "box". And in fact, it will perform, because there are only 24 hours in a day, and when they are filled with good habits, there is no time left for useless ...

Of course, Advirtus - not a panacea, because he himself will not do anything for you. But if you still surf the Internet regularly and without unnecessary reminders, it is worth registering there, because good habits can also be contagious. And let your autopilot be the most correct!

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